Eddy on macOS 10.13.6 (17G65): multi-threaded?


is eddy (openmp version) supposed to be multi-threaded on mac OS?
The task is actually only using one core only of the 24 available on my config.

Here the dwipreproc string I’m using for some Philips DTI scans (very low profile right now: 1.5T scanner, 32 directions, b800, 2.5m isotropic scan):
dwipreproc source.nii.gz destination.nii.gz -fslgrad /path_to/file.bvec //path_to/file.bval -nthreads 24 -rpe_none -json_import /path_to/file…json -eddy_options=" --slm=linear" -pe_dir PE -info

I can’t comment at all about running on Mac OSX, but I did myself experience some time in the past a version of eddy that I didn’t observe using more than one thread. I suspect this may have been the version of eddy provided with FSL before it was moved to closed source. Therefore I would suggest at the very least acquiring the most recent stand-alone eddy_openmp binary. However we really can’t provide assistance on an FSL command beyond that.