Enhanced DICOM / Siemens VIDA

Hi all,

This may not be the most appropriate forum to ask this but I thought that someone may be able to help.

We are installing a new Siemens VIDA scanner but I am somewhat concerned about the enhanced DICOM format that the scanner uses. Does anyone have any experience with using enhanced DICOM? If so, do you have any advice / suggestions on things to look out for?

Also, importantly, does mrconvert accept the format?


Vendor bastardisations of the DICOM format aren’t really something we can keep ahead of the curve on.

We really just rely on users obtaining data, discovering that MRtrix3 fails to read them correctly, and then forwarding data to us so that we can figure out what the vendors have done and modify our code accordingly.

Only found one possible indication that there may be difficulty in reading such data, in this GitHub issue. I don’t know whether or not it was followed up offline. But as I say, if something doesn’t work, we need an example of the problematic data on hand so that we can interrogate.


Thanks Rob, when / if problems do occur I will get back to the forum :slight_smile:


Just to feed back on this: assuming enhanced DICOM refers to the new multiframe DICOM standard, then it should work out of the box (since 2013). There are suggestions that it’s all OK on the forum (here, here and here), but nothing conclusive (I can’t tell whether the enhanced format was used for these). But as @rsmith says, if there are issues, we’d be keen to get them fixed ASAP – as long as you’re happy to send us the data for us to investigate.

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Sorry, just remembered I have access to some Vida test data that was sent to me a while back. It was stored using multi-frame, and it imports without any issues as far as I can tell. :+1:

Thanks @jdtournier - the “enhanced” bit does seem to refer to the multiframe standard. Thanks again and I will report back if we do encounter any difficulties.