Error "env:python: No such file or directory"

Dear MRtrix3 team,

I’m trying to build MRtrix3( Configure the MRtrix3 install), but I have had this error:“env:python: No such file or directory”

Could anyone help me figure this out? Thank you!


Hi Alessio,

This might be simply because python is not installed, or available under a different name, e.g. python2 or python3. Try this instead:

python3 ./configure
python3 ./build

If that doesn’t work, try python2 instead of python3. If neither of these work, then something is missing from your installation, one of these really ought to be available…


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Thank you very much,
the first command has worked but with the second I have a problem

It doesn’t look like you’re in the right folder for that second command… You need to be in the mrtrix3 install folder for that to work, but you seem to have invoked it within your home folder (~)?

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Now the command “python ./build” is running, I have received one warning:

Good to hear. Warnings aren’t necessarily an issue, but we do try to keep them to a minimum…

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Thank you very much !