ERROR in 5ttgen fsl:only 5 of 10 structures were segmented successfully

when I use the 5ttgen fsl command, I encountered : [ERROR] FSL FIRST has failed; only 5 of 10 structures were segmented successfully (check /home…/first.logs)

and I refered to 5ttgen fsl ERROR: only 0 of 10 structures were segmented successfully, and I checked the files in 5ttgen-temp/first.logs

I found there is actually 10 first.logs/first*.o*.* files, but 5 files with errors below:
Error: cannot find image first-L_Accu_first
Error: cannot find image first-R_Accu_first
Error: cannot find image first-L_Pall_first
Error: cannot find image first-R_Pall_first
Error: cannot find image first-R_Puta_first

I just wonder if this problem is related to my input data? Because the data I process is those patients with tumour. Or if there is any other reason for this problem?

And I wonder how can I solve it ?

Dear @SAA ,

There’s a number of posts related to this issue, maybe one of them can help you?

All the best,