Estimate response functions on already segmented neonatal data

Dear MRtrix-experts

I’m quite new to the field of diffusion and I would like to estimate the response function for single shell data (b = 0; b = 1000 s/m2) of a neonatal dataset. Since for the segmentation of neonatal data developmental aspects must be considered, I’ve already segmented the T2 image of the neonatal brain in 9 classes (among others WM, GM, CSF) using an in-house developed segmentation algorithm and coregistered the T2 image with the diffusion space. Now, I would like to use my segmentation information from the T2 image for the dwi2response function. Since I have multi-tissue data, I would like to use the dhollander algorithm (and lower the FA threshold since neonates have lower FA). However, it is not clear to me how I can combine my segmentation information with the dwi2response inputs “tissue_response.txt”.

According to this blog entry (Contents of response_*.txt - #2 by jdtournier) the txt-files’ “rows corresponds to a different shell (in order of increasing b -value), and for each row, the values correspond to the even, m =0 (axially symmetric) SH coefficients of the expected DW signal”.

Has anyone an idea how I can make use of my neonatal specific T2 segmentations for the dwi2response function?

Thank you very much for your help!
Kind regards,