Export/import of fixel data that preserves spatial information

Hello experts, I am looking for information about whether it is possible/recommended to export fixel data in a way that allows for external statistical manipulation/correction, and subsequent re-import to fixel format for use in fixelcfestats. I am exploring strategies to adjust for Scanner-specific effects two large multi-site studies, and one promising method may be to use a combination of PCA and ANOVA to detect scanner-specific variance across structural maps, and then compute “corrected” structural maps (described here). I can’t see how I would accomplish this within the current software parameters… (I found this thread, but I couldn’t find any updates about implementation). It seems like it should be possible based on the dimensions of fixel files, the concern would be re-importing in a way that the corrected fixel string could still communicate with the template directions/index files.

Hi @rgrazioplene,

I’m interested in similar things (well pulling out the fixel spatial information).

I’ve constructed a matlab code which does so, which I can provide to you personally (It may require some cleaning). Nonetheless, I may provide the code as open-source.



That would be really great, Alistair, it’s generous of you to offer. Is your code already hosted somewhere? If not, feel free to email me at rachael.grazioplene@gmail.com. Thank you!