Fixel based analysis

Dear Experts,

I am keen to perform a fixed based analysis using mouse diffusion data (b value 1500).

Is this feasible and are they any considerations I should be aware of?

Thanks for your help


I think so - I certainly can’t see any a priori reason why not.

Yes! But far too many to go into here…

Without any further information, the main ones at this point are:

  • Make sure you have enough computing power, especially RAM (as documented in the warning at the end of this section of the documentation).

  • Are your data in vivo or ex vivo? If the latter, I reckon your b-value is far too low to get decent angular contrast… As shown by Tim Dyrby a while back, you need to scale up your ex vivo b-values by a factor of ~4 for comparable contrast to the in vivo case.

There’s no doubt a million other things to take into consideration, but for that you’re better off reading as much of the relevant literature as possible…