Fixel group comparisons

Hi All,
I have a question regarding MRview’s fixel based display. This is a rat brain study and I have compared the fixel maps from 2 groups. One group of animals with hypertension and the other without. After running “fixelcfestats” I displayed the entire fixel map of one of the uncorrected pval datasets. This displays the entire range of all the fixels nicely. When I go to threshold (by 1-0.95=0.05) I find a subset of the fixels “survive” … but what is interesting is that the scale bar is reset to show only the range of the fixels that were “statistically significant.” I did not anticipate that MRview would reset the ranges based on what survived after applying the significance threshold if thats indeed what is happening. The truth is I dont know what MRview is doing. If someone could tell me if my guess is correct or on the right track or totally off, I’d greatly appreciate it.
thank you
Loi Do
University of Arizona