Fixel masks

Hi there,

Thank you for the great software and community here.

I have created a number of ROI masks and extracted the streamlines between these masks for an ROI-based analysis of FA, MD, and RD. I also have the complete connectome and the extracted streamlines between the masks via tckedit.

I want a similar analysis with fixel masks and fixels to extract FD, FC, and FDC between these same ROIs.

I have executed the analysis pipeline described here. Which has produced fixel-fixel connectivity maps.

What is the best route for computing ROI-based fixel analysis?

I think I am close based on previous discussions in this forum. My thought was to compute fixel masks based on the ROI masks I previously computed (I don’t know how to do this) and then register those masks to the population template. Then I believe I can use tckedit on the fixel connectome to extract the fixels between these fixel masks. Is this correct?

Thank you!