FOD file conversion to fib


is it possible to convert FOD file obtained in MRITRIX to fib file so it can be processed in DSI studio?



It is, but I don’t have working code for it at the moment. You do sh2amp on one of DSI Studio’s odf_vertices sets, then make the rest of the needed variables and save as a v4 matfile.

Here is some code that gets you all the way to having loadable ODF data, but you’ll need to split it into “odf0”, “odf1”, etc before DSI Studio will read it. You’ll also need to find the ODF peaks and save their indices in the correct variables. DSI Studio is also very strict on having LPS+ orientation for both the voxels and directions.

This has been on my to-do list for awhile, I can post again when I’ve got it working

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Got it to work. If you try this code could you let me know if it works with your data?