FslEyes won't open


I have tried to install FSL by simply following the installation video on youtube.
The thing is, while FSL is working, i can not open FSLEYES for some reason, ubuntu can not locate its directory. Here is the issue;

I would be very grateful if you come up with a solution!


This is probably not the best place to ask – FSL has its own support forum, have you asked there?

Otherwise, my first guess is that you might not have installed the fsleyes package…? But that depends on exactly what that video you mention instructed you to do. Not much we can do without a lot more details about what you did – even a link to the video in question might help!

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Hello @jdtournier,

I thought this site was the relevant site to ask, sorry about that. But if u can help, here is the link to the video. I have installed FSL which may contain fsleyes aswell but im not sure.