Global tractography

Dear MRtrix3 team,

I would like to try the global tractography, I downloaded the latest version but doesn’t appear tckglobal. It is implemented or it will be available soon? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Manuel Blesa

Hi Manuel,

Global tractography, as well as a bunch of other new features, are currently available on our development branch only. This branch is called “updated_syntax”, and you can use “git checkout” to give it a try. Note that the build path is different from current master: /release/bin instead of /bin. As such, you can install both versions separately, but you also need to update your system path to enable the new commands.

So you could do:

git checkout -b updated_syntax origin/updated_syntax
export PATH=$(pwd)/release/bin:$PATH

and you’re good to go. Also check out the user guide on global tractography.

Should you run into trouble, just let me know.