Group Connectivity Analysis

Hi All,

I have processed connectivity for each subject and I had a connectivity matrix. What would be the best next step for group comparison? How can I get a group difference?


Hi @cmid,

While this is an exceptionally high-level question that’s difficult to address succinctly on a software forum, I would point you toward this manuscript, which is available in MRtrix3 as the “NBSE” algorithm in connectomestats.


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Hey @rsmith ,

I noticed the manuscript you refer to here addressing the NBSE algorithm is a different reference to the one listed on the MRTrix docs for the connectomestats command:
Vinokur, L.; Zalesky, A.; Raffelt, D.; Smith, R.E. & Connelly, A. A Novel Threshold-Free Network-Based Statistics Method: Demonstration using Simulated Pathology. OHBM, 2015, 4144


Yep; we had the corresponding manuscript rejected, and were beaten to publication :sob:

I’ve not yet gotten around to adding the reference for that manuscript to connectomestats. Given the ping I’ve left myself a reminder.