HCP data generation connectome

Hello, thank you very much for taking a look at my question. I am currently processing DWI data in HCP, and I have referenced HCP-dMRI-connectometo process my DWI data.I’m not sure if this generated result is reasonable. I hope you can help me take a look.I have a few questions about this. Is it reasonable that T1 was not registered to b0 in both this tutorial and the ISMRM tutorial - Structural connector for Human Connector Project (HCP) processing in MRtrix3?

Dear @zzcpage

Yes. It is ok that both my script, and the tutorial, do not register the T1 to the b0.
This is because the T1 and the dwi (including the b0) in the HCP “minimally preprocessed” data are already registered to each other.
If I’m not wrong, both of them are also already in an AC-PC orientation.

Good luck with your processing,

Thank you for your answer. Based on the data, they are indeed registered in the same space.