How to best use -exclude option

Dear MRtrix community

I am practising on the parcellation of the Corpus callosum into 7 segments (after the Wilteson, 1989 protocol), because I want to compare it with the 7 segment segmentation of TractSeg.

While it’s pretty straightforward to draw the seed ROIs as per the protocol, I struggle with the -exclude ROIs. The problem is that I am trying to reconstruct the CC with as little steps as possible to create a standardised manual protocol that would work for multiple participants/sessions.

I have noticed that using the -exclude option doesn’t work like the “NOT” gates in ExploreDTI, meaning that instead of removing any passing fibres it just stops tracking at the location of the exclusion ROI.

Is there a way to use the -exclude option so that it removes any fibres crossing the region?

Many thanks