How to determine the name of fiber bundles?

I encountered a problem where I tracked the fiber bundle connection between two ROIs using fiber bundles. I would like to know the name of this fiber bundle? Similar to mapping the JHU ICBM DTI Atlas fiber bundle template to my fiber bundle to obtain the name of my fiber bundle. I would like to know if similar functionality can be achieved through MRtrix3?

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I am not aware of a possibility of labelling through MRTRIX, but you could do a full segmentation of your FOD template with TractSeg. With it you can generate 72 anatomical bundles as .tck files. GitHub - MIC-DKFZ/TractSeg: Automatic White Matter Bundle Segmentation
You could then display the tck files on top of your own bundles and see which ones approximately match in mrview.

You can use it by getting the peaks image of your template:


Thank you for your answer. TractSeg looks great, I will give it a try. Thank you again.