How to extract the fiber tracts of functional areas?

Hi, all,

I wanna to extract the fiber tracts of functional areas in the whole brain fibers.

I have searched some documents about registration, brain atlas, brain surface. However, I still feel very puzzle about the steps to extract the fibers.

I have already generated the “.tck” file of the whole brain by using the diffusion MRI dataset (not T1-WI, T2-WI and PD-WI datasets, I just ignore them). I also find someone does registration with T1 dataset. So I am more confused. :confused:

what inside my head is a lot of mess.:confounded: I really hope to find some clues on this problem.
Can someone provide me any advice? Or is there any tutorial on this issue?:grinning:
Thanks a lot !!!:yum:


Hi @SuperClear,

That’s a lot of issues to go through in a forum… I recommend you read the papers below if you haven’t already. If things are still not clear, feel free to ask more specific questions - but otherwise it’s hard to know how to even begin answering such a broad set of questions…

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Hi, Donald,

Thank you for your suggestion and recommendation.
I got too impetuous those days, I should improve step by step, and will not ask so stupid a question.

Thanks again.:slight_smile: