How to identify which tracts are the significant fixels belong to?

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I followed the FBA-multi-tissue tutorial and completed the whole workflow. And then I displayed the results with streamlines. Now, I can see where are my significant fixels are, but I don’t konw the name of these streamlines, how can I identity which exact tracts are these streamlines belong to? Is there any tool which is similar to the Atlases in fsleyes in MRview can help me locate? Or there are other ways can help me? Here is my results display with streamlines.

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Good news! After reading some literatures, now I know that I should get ROIs through normal voxel-based analysis, and then pass them to the fixelcfestats via -mask. Maybe this post is a bit silly, but I decided to keep it, in case that someone else found it is useful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: