How to make the final step of FBA analysis faster

Hi,the mrtrix3 family
I have already started my final analysis, but maybe it is the reason why my computer configuration is not high. It takes a long time to run statistical analysis. I don’t know if you have better suggestions for the final analysis.

My computer has spent three days running the final analysis, but the progress is only 17 percent.

Best regards

Hi @mvphwj,

While the statistical inference step does take a long time relative to other processing steps, those numbers are indeed too large.

A few things you can check:

  • Make sure the command is in fact making use of all available cores on your system (CPU utilisation via the top command should be > 100%).

  • If your system does not have enough RAM to store the fixel-fixel connectivity matrix, then it will resort to “swapping” (constantly transferring data between RAM and disk), which severely impacts performance. Check the memory utilisation reported via top and compare to the amount of memory on your system.

  • In the file “config” generated by the configure script, make sure that the reported compilation is “release”. If compiled in debug bode and/or with assertions enabled, execution will be significantly slower.