How to obtain the number of fiber bundle connections of two voxels?

Problem:Suppose I’ve got the whole brain bundle_ brain. tck . Now I want to know how to obtain the number of fiber bundles between each two voxels,How can I get it?My idea is to establish a mask for each voxel. Suppose I need to get the number of fiber bundle connections of voxel a and voxel b, I will do this: tckedit whole_ brain. tck -include mask_ a -include mask_ b -ends_only mask_b, is this method feasible?


You’re on the right track, (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:) but your command isn’t quite there yet. -ends_only doesn’t take an additional ROI parameter, so

tckedit whole_ brain.tck -include mask_ a -include mask_ b  -ends_only a_and_b.tck

will be enough. Note the -ends_only option will apply to all of your ROI criteria, i.e. only streamlines that terminate both in a and b will be included. If you’re only care about terminations in b, and want to include all streamlines that pass through a (whether they end there or not), then you’ll need to do things slightly differently (in two stages, unless I’m mistaken).

Hope that helps!


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Thank you for your answer