How to plot ODF (DK-ODF) calculated by diffusion kurtosis tensor?

In mrview, I can display ODF calculated from diffusion tensor through ODF display tool. I am now processing DKI data and I would like to see the ODF calculated from both diffusion tensor(6 volumes) and diffusion kurtosis tensor(15 volumes).
So I would like to know:

  1. Am I able to calculate DK-ODF using MRtrix3?
  2. Am I able to display DK-ODF calculated by diffusion tensor and diffusion kurtosis tensor using the ODF display tool within mrview? If so, show me the steps please.
  3. If MRtrix3 is not applicable to DKI data or DK-ODF, please tell me the appropriate tools to generate DK-ODF and display it.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your reply!


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