How to use "clip planes" in volume-render mode of mrview

Dear expert,
I want see the position relationship between given fibers and deep neural structure in volume-render mode of mrview. However, I do not know how to use “clip planes” tool and can not find enough relevant information on this. Would you Please show me. Thank you!

Zhang Hui

I freely admit this is not the best documented feature of mrview

Here’s a quick introduction:

  1. Switch to volume render mode

  2. Open the View tool – you should see the clip plane options showing (it only shows up when in volume render mode)

  3. Add as many clip planes as you need using the + button

  4. To manipulate the position / orientation of the clip plane(s), highlight them on the list (on the View tool panel), and use the normal pan/rotate mouse operations that you’d normally use to manipulate the projection of the image: when clip planes are selected, these operations apply to the clip plane(s), leaving the projection otherwise unmodified.

  5. Don’t forget to unselect the clip planes when you’re done so you can interact with the display normally: just click on a blank part of the clip planes list.

Thank you very much! Can I clip the fibers or edges of mrtrix displayed as streamline with the “clip plane” option?

Sorry, I’m afraid not… It’s not the first time this has been requested, though. If I ever find the time, I might look into it…

Thank you again!