I just downloaded MRtrix3 on Windows10, but can't get it started

I downloaded MYSYS2, downloaded the MRtrix3, but I am confused about how to actually start the program. Under local disk C there is a folder called msys64 with a number of subfolders. How do I start MRtrix3 (or mrVIew)?

Hi Stuart,

MRtrix is entirely command line based.

Start the ‘MinGW-w64 Win64 Shell’ from the start menu and begin typing MRtrix commands.

Thanks, Ben. Great to make your acquaintance once again. I was actually trying to view parts of the bat atlas and realized that all I really needed was MeshLab. However, since I’ve already downloaded MinGW-w64 Shell, where can I find some beginner MRtrix3 commands? Is there a “getting started” page? It has been awhile since I’ve had to look at MRtrix.