Identifying regions of interest in matrix produced by tck2connectome

Hello, I just had a question regarding the ability to identify regions or how to identify where locations of the streamlines are based on matrix produced from tck2connectome function. After creating the connectome matrix, in my instance a whole brain tractrography was conducted, the matrix produced is immense. How are we able to isolate the existence of tracks of interest within this immense matrix (i.e. if symmetric position 1,8 as start should terminate in position 8,1) and translate these to anatomical structures (where does 1,8 start and where does 8,1 end anatomically speaking). Hopefully this made some sort of sense. Thank you in advance for your help.

I think the functionality you’re after is basically connectome2tck. If you search for that term on the forum, you should find most of your questions answered, I reckon.

Otherwise, the tutorial for labelconvert should give you additional insights into how these things work.

Failing that, I’ll defer to @rsmith