Improved Fixel Segmentation Protocol (~10% increase in found fixels)

Hello all,

Over the past year, under the mentorship / guidance of Dr. Adam Anderson of Vanderbilt University, I developed a novel fixel segmentation protocol. This protocol is able to segment fixels ~20-25* apart, and able to find ~10% more fixels than either the peak-finding method or the protocol proposed in the 2012 SIFT paper (the protocols behind sh2peaks and fod2fixel). I wrote everything in MATLAB, and wrote it to be compatible with the MRTrix3 FBA pipeline. Here is the repository - GitHub - staunton-golding/Golding_fixel_segmenter: Identifies fixel orientation from .mif FODF files (MRTrix3) I encourage you all to check it out! The poster / results are included in the repository. If anyone tries it out, I would love to hear the results! (my email is I am really excited about this project. Anyway I will be presenting this method and the results at BMES 2023 of this year. I hope to be able to meet some of this community while there!

Staunton Golding