Improved mac app bundle

Hi guys,

at the moment, the mac app bundle that is shipped via (btw, very handy!) does not allow opening files from the Finder if the path-to-the-file contains spaces. To fix this, it just suffices to edit the file at line 62 from <string>...mrtrix3/bin/mrview $1</string> to <string>...mrtrix3/bin/mrview "$1"</string>.

Hope this helps!


Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for your feedback! I am a bit puzzled by your suggestion since our binary package does not contain any .wflow files… (see GitHub - MRtrix3/macos-installer: Scripts to create installer for macOS)

.wflow seems to be associated to Automator. I have no clue how such a file could end up in the MRview application bundle… is this something that macOS did on itself?

Hi Ben,

I tried to uninstall and re-install everything as described in the link you posted, and indeed now I see an application bundle named in /Applications (during previous install attempts, this link was not created, likely because I already had an old in the same folded). Most probably, but I don’t remember well, I had made this app bundle with Automator long time ago and the install script didn’t overwrite it (and I assumed it would). So, sorry for the spam, forget my post!


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