Incomplete DWI

Hi all,

I have a DWI image which does not have the full coverage of the head. Since dti analysis was not the matter of imaging at that time, some parts of the cerebellar cortex were excluded to reduce acquisition time (see the picture). T1 image is still perfect and complete. Now, I want to do DTI analysis and specifically between Dentate nucleus and other parts of the brain. In DWI, the dentate nucleus is apparent but I am wondering whether it makes any problems to first do whole brain tractography with incomplete DWI and then reconstruct tracts between ROI. if not, can I use dentate nucleus as a seed instead of whole brain tractography?

If you have any other possible solutions please let me know.


Hi @NeuroSh,

In general, as long the pathway of interest itself is not in any way affected by the FoV cropping, analyses should be fine. Indeed even the use of SIFT / SIFT2 is entirely compatible with a reduced field of view.