Inquiry Regarding the -scale_invnodevol option in MRtrix tck2connectome

Dear MRtrix experts,

I am seeking clarification on the behavior of the -scale_invnodevol option in the tck2connectome command, specifically regarding its assumptions about the voxel size of a parcellation image.

Upon inspecting the source code here, it seems that the -scale_invnodevol option divides each entry of the connectivity matrix (representing the number of streamlines connecting two ROIs, correct?) by the average number of voxels from both nodes. Please correct me if my interpretation of the code is inaccurate.

I currently have a parcellation image with a voxel size of 0.8 mm isotropic, and I wonder if, after obtaining the connectivity matrix with -scale_invnodevol, I should further divide each entry by 0.8 to account for my voxel size.

I appreciate your expertise and guidance on this matter.

Best regards,