Install mrtrix3 through miniconda: error

Hi all. When I installed mrtrix3 via miniconda 23.10 in the Ubuntu 20.04 (WSL2), a channel error occurred like the screenshot. Could you help me out? Thanks! Best regards!

AND later I changed the conda init to miniconda3/condabin/conda. I created a new environment with python 3.7 in miniconda3/env, and after I activated the new environment and reran the install command, the same error occurred. Could you tell me the reason? many thanks!

Hi @bin_liu,

I expect that the problem is related to using the miniconda version shipped with FSL. I assume that’s what you’re using given that the FSL channel pops up first on the list – you can verify with which conda. I have no idea how the FSL devs have set up that environment, but I would guess that they have decided to lock it down to avoid users introducing conflicts in FSL by installing other packages within their own miniconda environments. I think you’ll need to install another fresh conda environment outside of FSL, and try in there.

Note that the presence of the FSL conda command in your PATH suggests that your FSL install isn’t set up as expected, and this may well conflict with your attempts at using a different conda environment. See this recent post on the topic for details.

All the best,