IronTract Tractography Challenge Now Open!

Dear all - The IronTract tractography challenge is now open. For more information on challenge tasks, ranking criteria, and how to participate, please visit:

There will be 2 winners:

  • Overall winner: The goal is to find the tractography method that achieves the highest accuracy possible regardless of diffusion sampling scheme. You can use the full set of b-values/directions as provided, or only those that work best for your method of choice.
  • HCP winner: The goal is to find the tractography method that is best suited for the 2-shell acquisition scheme that the 6500+ data sets of the lifespan and disease Human Connectome Project studies are being collected with.

Are you a developer who wants to showcase the performance of your latest tractography method? Are you a data analyst who wants to see how the tools used for your lab’s studies compare to other approaches? This is your chance!

Results will be announced at the IronTract challenge session at MICCAI 2019. Participants will have further opportunities to participate in publications that will result from the challenge.

The challenge will run on the QMENTA platform. To register and get your access codes for the platform, please visit:

On behalf of the organizers,

Chiara Maffei