Is SS3T-CSD included in the dhollander/msmt_csd?


Just wondering if SS3T-CSD is now included in the dwi2response dhollander and dwi2fod msmt_csd or whether it it still requires MRtrix3Tissue?

Thanks all!

In short, no.

But just to clarify:

As currently implemented, SS3T-CSD is a simple additional script that requires no modifications to either of these commands. If you need to, you can grab the relevant script and drop it into your bin/ and it should work (although it may require you to checkout our dev branch, I’m not sure).

Otherwise, our position is more or less as I’d stated in an earlier post on the topic

Thank you for the quick response and clarifying the issue.

You need a very particular version if you attempt this. It won’t work with current master / RC3. I’ve had reports from wrong behaviour with latest dev too. I don’t recommend doing this currently if you want it to be guaranteed to run correctly. I also don’t recommend modifying a version of your software if you’re in the course of processing. The question came up before; e.g. from @mblesac over here. I’ve documented there how to set this up without affecting your existing installation, if you rely on one for ongoing analyses that you need to be able to reproduce. I’m sorry for any confusion; I hope this helps.

I’ve had reports from wrong behaviour with latest dev too.

I trust that the MRtrix3 team will be informed of any observations of erroneous behaviour that are determined to not be the consequence of your script.