ISMRM 2019 digital poster tips

Hi all,

This is slightly off-topic but given that many of you attend ISMRM I thought you may have had prior experience with the ISMRM’s digital posters.

Some potential questions that come to mind are:

  1. Multiple pages or a single page?
  2. Has anyone run into format problems eg. Mac to PC or vice versa issues? If I make my poster on my Macbook will it run OK on the machines in Montreal?
  3. Do any of you use animations in your digital posters or is that asking for trouble? If so, what software do you use to make them?
  4. Any guidelines for font sizes/diagram sizes etc?

Any feedback would be appreciated & hope to see you in Montreal.

Best wishes

Just to quickly highlight though: this year’s digital posters are in fact a “first”; i.e., don’t confuse them with the electronic posters (e-posters) from the previous years. E-posters used to be presented on quite small computer screens, and as such a single “page” (slide) was almost always impossible. This year’s digital posters lean much more towards the facilities presenters had for power-pitch posters, i.e. the 1 hour sessions following the power pitch sessions: much larger screens that you stand in front in a more similar fashion (almost) as a traditional poster. Even then though, all of these I have ever attended also made use of a full slide deck.

Shortly though, I think instructions will be available or even sent out on each specific presentation type. Those would probably also detail the exact size these screens will be. The idea should be though that they are “rather large”; because the aim is to more or less replace the experience of the traditional (paper) posters.

All that aside; it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. It’s a controversial change (ditching paper posters for these digital ones)… lots of people immediately showed quite a bit of scepticism on Twitter an the like… wait an see. :grimacing:

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To further the above, the call for abstracts page ( had a few details:
“The meeting also includes poster presentations. New for the 2019 Annual Meeting, ALL POSTERS will be presented in an electronic format on a large 43-inch diagonal flat-panel monitor (similar to those used for Power Pitch presentations).”

…so that’s the size essentially. If I understand it correctly, these are now supposed to replace both the traditional posters as well as the old format e-posters from previous years.

I can’t comment on anything specific to this year’s format, but having witnessed a lot of unsuccessful E-posters in the past, I can personally advocate (if possible for your particular content) a technique I have used for my own previously:

  • Have one “home / master slide” that summarises the work statically.

  • For each individual detail within that home page, insert a hyperlink in such a way that clicking on that detail forwards the presentation to some other slide.

  • Your other pages in the presentation then contain further details about specifics of the experiment / cohort / method / whatever that don’t all fit on the home slide.

  • At the end of each of these “blocks” of slides (you may have a sequence of multiple slides providing extra details on any particular topic), insert a full-page-size hyperlink that redirects back to the home slide.

You now have essentially an “overview” of the abstract, and can then digitally “zoom in” on individual details, subsequently “zooming out” back to the overview upon completion of discussion of those details.

Biggest trouble with E-posters is that people tend to produce a 15-minute presentation, which they get to present a couple of times in their hour block, to 1 or 2 people each time, because passers-by don’t want to start listening halfway through a linear presentation. This format gives passers-by regular opportunities to both grasp the key message, and ask for more information about whatever interests them.


I thought I remembered an official blog post about this… just stumbled across it again!

Here it is: