Join the final round of the IronTract Challenge!

Dear all - This is your chance to enter the final round of the IronTract
Challenge. First, make sure to check out the results of round 1 of the
challenge, along with other great work in the ISMRM Orientation Modelling &
Fibre Tractography oral session, and join us for the Q&A:

Then join us for round 2! This round requires less work by participants, as we
have fixed the pre- and post-processing based on the results of round 1, and
those steps will be provided. All you have to do is add your favorite
orientation reconstruction and tractography method, stir, and serve chilled.
Participants will have further opportunities to participate in publications
that will result from the challenge.

As in the previous round, the challenge is hosted on the QMENTA platform.
Detailed instructions are provided here:

See you at ISMRM!

On behalf of the organizers,

Chiara Maffei