Load overlay window from command line

Currently just the image window loads. I am loading overlays from the command line and was hoping I could have the overlay window appear automatically when mrview loads
Is this possible? Apologies I couldn’t see it in the help anywhere?

Hi Jonathan,
I don’t think the tool panes can be loaded from the command line in the current version (although I’m pretty sure this was supported at some point). You can set every overlay option you’ll find in that menu from the command line though. See mrview -help for a full list of all command line options.

Thanks Daan, This is helpful to know

Just as a general comment, I remember asking if the overlay controls could please be added to mrview a while back, and wanted to say again a massive THANK YOU to all of the MRtrix programmers.

The addition of the overlay controls to the command line has made my Friday morning imaging presentation meetings so much easier, as I can just bring up verrrry long mrview command lines from the bash history, complete with loading 4-6 overlay images, with colourmaps and overlay opacities set, and be instantly ready to present. It’s brilliant.



Hi Jonathan,

We’ve discussed internally a couple of times how to get tool sidebars to appear if there is at least one command-line option that utilises that tool; but from memory there was some esoteric issue with the idea. There’s a huge amount of changes that we’d like to make to have the mrview code more robust and amenable to further improvements; but all of my funding applications thus far to employ someone to do it have been rejected :tired_face: