matrix connectivity


what does this mean when the adjacency matrix of the structural connections in terms of the number of fiber , i.e. , area one with itself and the fiber content itself ? is each district connected to itself ?for example :1 and 1 has 35 fiber.

I dont aundestand

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Welcome Samane!

There’s nothing explicitly precluding a streamline from having both streamlines attributed to the same node. Given all that can go wrong with tractography it’s not surprising that this may happen from time to time. Indeed if connectome parcels are of adequate size, with a “diameter” that is larger than the streamlines tractography minimum length, it’s not uncommon to have streamlines sitting just beneath the GM-WM interface along their entire length, and failing to traverse from the WM underneath one GM parcel to one of its adjacent neighbours.

It’s entirely common for such connections to be ignored in downstream analyses—and it’s exceptionally difficult to derive such values with anything resembling reliability—but it is nevertheless present in the reconstruction.