Measure of fibre dispersion/directions for 2D in MRtrix3

Dear MRtrix3 experts,

I’m doing the research on comparison dMRI with histology by dispersion and directions. I want to know that if MRtrix3 can produce dispersion/directions for 2D, like Coronal plane.

Right now, I used fod2fixel→fixel2voxel to generate two .mif files, which are dispersion.mif and directions.mif. There is only one value of every voxel in dispersion.mif, so we can’t use this file to generate coronal 2D dispersion, right?
And, there is 3 values of every voxel in directions.mif. Is this 3 values are the 3 component value on x y z in 3D? So we can generate coronal 2D directions by making the z value is 0.

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