Merging .mif files

Very new to mrtrix, but with previous experience in FSL. I’m planning to run an fixel based analysis and I’m going to start from scratch with the dicoms. We have a few DTI images for each patient from the same day, and the usual practice is to merge them with fslmerge -t. I was wondering how to do the same with .mif files. Can I still use fslmerge? Is there a different way to merge in time in mrtrix?


You could, but we would recommend dwicat instead. :wink:

thanks! Is there an option to specify what dimension the images are merged in? Or does it do time automatically?

All our tools assume the data need to be concatenated along the 4th axis, so that’s what this tool does. I think that’s the axis that corresponds to time in the NIfTI standard, but I can’t quite remember – we don’t tend to force any particular interpretation on what dimension means what in MRtrix…

If you were to be using the mrcat command, then the axis for concatenation follows the logic as outlined in the relevant command-line option. However the dwicat script explicitly assumes that you are combining DWI volumes acquired across separate sessions, and therefore concatenation always occurs along axis 3 (which is the fourth axis).