-metric meanlength

After updating to a recent mrtrix3 commit, I noticed that tck2connectome has different set of options. Notably, instead of -metric, there are options for weighting the edge in various ways. From the -help, I didn’t see an obvious choice for obtaining what the older versions would do for -metric meanlength.

Did I miss something?

In any case, I can still dump the assignments with tck2connectome and individual track lengths with tckstats and then construct the mean length connectome myself.

Mmm, perhaps I should update the FAQ entry to give instructions on the old meanlength metric as well…

Similar question along with answer posted here.

Sorry for the confusion; but this approach disentangles what mathematical operation is being performed where, and so opens up a few more possibilities.

Ah, I suspected this was the case but didn’t grok it… thanks!