mrinfo 986 files to be 29x33 not 29x34

Hi, mrtrix expert
I tried to mrconvert my DTI files to the .mif file, and now my folder contains 986 dicom files, 34 files for every time point, but when I mrinfo the folder, which shows dimensions as 128x128x29x33 not 128x128x29x34.
What’s wrong with it? I need some help from you, thanks.

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Hi @chenk19,

If I understand the issue correctly, I expect you mean you have 34 time points for every slice, right? Otherwise the dimensions suggest it would have got the slice and time dimensions mixed up…

If that’s the case, the most likely explanation is that one of the volumes corresponds to the mean DW image that Philips insists on including in its DICOM series. More information on that in the docs. If you’re confident you do want to preserve that volume, you can do so by modifying your original mrconvert call like this:


If that’s not the issue, then we’d need to have a closer look at the data.

All the best,

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