Mrstats output

Hi mrtrix experts!

Thank you once again for this amazing program and support you guys give on this forum!

I have a question regarding the output of mrstats command.

I wanted to measure radial diffusivity in corpus callosum in mice. I defined anatomically ROIs I wanted and made RD map with tensor2metric command.

Then I used mrstats command as:
mrstats ${prefix}rd.mif -mask ${prefix}_ROI.mif

I got actually some pretty nice and statistically significant difference between the groups I have imaged. But I was wondering is there a unit that describes radial diffusivity? Or maybe I got it all wrong and there is a different way in measuring radial diffusivity in selected ROIs?

Thank you in advance!

That sounds right to me, in terms of the steps taken. There are other issues with measuring these kinds of metrics, such as avoiding partial volume effects with CSF in the ventricles, etc., which can bias your results. But these are beyond the scope of this forum, so I won’t go into it here.

As to the units for the values, they’re actually the reciprocal of the units for the b-values. So assuming your b-values are in s/mm² (with values in the 1,000 range), then diffusivities should be in units of mm²/s.

Thank you for your fast answer!

The results are pretty good, and they are backed up with immunohistochemistry!
I am planning to publish them now, but still wanted to double check everything.