Mrtransform input error

I am following the BATMAN tutorial and at the final step of co-registering the parcellation image of the HCPMMP atlas to dwi space, I get the following error:

I am not sure why; mrtransform works if i keep it to 2 arguments

(mrtrix3_fsl) -bash-4.1$ mrtransform ${dir_out_sub}/hcpmmp1_parcels_nocoreg.mif –linear ${subject}_diff2struct_mrtrix.txt –inverse –datatype uint32 ${dir_out_sub}/hcpmmp1_parcels_coreg.mif
mrtransform: [ERROR] Expected exactly 2 arguments (7 supplied)
mrtransform: [ERROR] Usage: mrtransform input output
mrtransform: [ERROR] Yours: mrtransform /path/5356/hcpmmp1_parcels_nocoreg.mif –linear 5356_diff2struct_mrtrix.txt –inverse –datatype uint32 /path/5356/hcpmmp1_parcels_coreg.mif
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I think this might be the dreaded long-dash issue again… Does replacing the dashes manually fix the problem…?

Yep…wrong dash format :neutral_face: