MRtrix 3.0.2 release

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MRtrix 3.0.2.

This is primarily a bug fix release. We recommend users upgrade as soon as practical, using the instructions provided on our downloads pages (for precompiled packages), or the usual procedure for installations from source.

The full changelog is attached below. Noteworthy changes include:

All the best from the MRtrix3 team!

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3.0.2 changelog

Multiple commands

  • Fixel overwrite: Prevent overwrite of fixel directories even with -force and provide instruction to manually erase (thanks @Antonin_Skoch for report).

  • MatLab: Fix write_mrtrix() function when running in MatLab rather than GNU Octave (thanks @julien for report).

  • NIfTI:

    • qform: Fix erroneous warning about non-rigid transformation on image write (thanks @anna_de for report).

    • Version 2: Fix image read.

  • Piped images: Fix specific instances where the utilisation of image piping image would not result in deletion of the temporary file; these files could therefore progressively take up space in /tmp/ (thanks @tomw for report).

  • Statistical inference: Fix strong family-wise error control.

Individual commands

  • convert_bruker: Fix DW scheme handling (thanks dgrens for report).

  • dwi2fod: Fix error when certain image volumes were not assigned to b-value shells (thanks @nadluru for report).

  • dwifslpreproc:

  • mrgrid: Ensure that when nearest-neighbour interpolation is used, oversampling is disabled (thanks @leonyichencai for report).

  • mrhistmatch: Fix “scale” and “linear” modes not working in some circumstances (note: solution applies in the context of dwicat also).

  • mrtransform: Prevent erroneous warning of “DW gradients not correctly reoriented” that would occur in the scenario where a linear transformation is applied, but the input image did not contain a diffusion gradient table to begin with.

  • mrview: Fix compilation on Qt4 (thanks @zhuopinsun and @Javier_Navas for reports). Note that support for Qt4 will be removed in future update 3.1.0.

  • run_tests: Enable use not only when MRtrix3 is compiled from source, but also for testing of binary packages.

  • sh2peaks: Fix occasional segmentation fault when using -peaks option.

  • tckgen: Fix tracking at inferior edge of spinal column when DWI data include zero-filling at inferior edge of image FoV (thanks @cbajada for report).