MRtrix tutorial available on OSF

Hi @tkimura @Darius @martahedl,

As @rsmith mentioned, we should use the T1 for registration and not any of the 5tt outputs. I’m going through @martahedl’s excellent tutorial myself, and altered that portion of the pipeline as follows to get a good registration (using a T1_BET and a mean_bzero_BET).

#Create T1_raw.mif
mrconvert ../T1/ T1_raw.mif

#Run 5ttgen with -nocleanup option (so you have the T1_BET.nii.gz for registration)
5ttgen fsl T1_raw.mif 5tt_nocoreg.mif -nocleanup

#Create mean bzero image and BET it
#Visually check BET accuracy and tweak BET command if needed.
dwiextract dwi_den_unr_preproc_unbiased.mif - -bzero | mrmath - mean mean_b0_preprocessed.mif -axis 3
mrconvert mean_b0_preprocessed.mif mean_b0_preprocessed.nii.gz
bet mean_b0_preprocessed.nii.gz mean_b0_preprocessed_BET.nii.gz -c 47 49 30 -f 0.4

#Register mean_b0_preprocessed_BET with T1_BET (found inside 5ttgen temp folder)
#Visually check accuracy and tweak flirt command if needed.
flirt -in mean_b0_preprocessed_BET.nii.gz -ref 5ttgen-tmp-*/T1_BET.nii.gz -interp nearestneighbour -dof 6 -omat diff2struct_fsl.mat -out mean_b0_preprocessed_BET_regFSL.nii.gz -finesearch 5

#Convert FSL transform to MRTRIX transform
transformconvert diff2struct_fsl.mat mean_b0_preprocessed_BET.nii.gz 5ttgen-tmp-*/T1_BET.nii.gz flirt_import diff2struct_mrtrix.txt

#Apply (inverse) transform to the 5ttgen data
mrtransform 5tt_nocoreg.mif -linear diff2struct_mrtrix.txt -inverse 5tt_coreg.mif
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For some reason I had to include the flip argument to get the same orientation as the other images.

I would have thought that transformconvert flirt_import would not need any additional manual manipulation like this. But there’s a whole history of dealing with axis definitions for FSL / NIfTI compatibility. Did you happen to perform an explicit -strides +1,+2,+3 or -strides -1,+2,+3 when producing the NIfTIs for FSL? If you find that including these fixes the issue, but omitting them leaves the remaining erroneous axis flip, we might be missing a step in the flirt_import processing.