MRtrix3 manuscript pre-print available!

Greetings all!

We are very pleased to announce that a manuscript for MRtrix3 is now available as a pre-print! :confetti_ball: :champagne:

This article focuses on MRtrix3 as a general-purpose platform for medical image processing and visualisation, describing all of those little details that have taken many years of effort and help to make the package what it is today, but are not specific research methods in their own right; e.g. multiple image file format support, multi-threading, modularity and power of library functionalities, self-generating documentation, visualisation, consistency of user interface.

While we will always rely on publication and citation of individual research methods developed by team members, this manuscript will now form the pre-eminent reference for when “processing and visualisation are performed using MRtrix3”!

There is also a simple example processing task for which demonstration code is provided in both C++ and Python: we hope that this encourages others to exploit the MRtrix3 libraries to expedite their own development work (after all, we’ve tried to make developing new tools as easy as possible for our own sakes :sweat_smile:)


The MRtrix3 team