MRTrix3 on DTI data

Dear all,

I have 50 subject DTI data set ( 30 directions ) , I would like to compute tractography analysis like to probabilistic tractography analysis , Could some please let me know if command line arguments of MRTrix can be applied of DTI dataset instead of DWI ?.


there are two possibilities here

  1. you have DTI data, meaning you have a volume of tensors (prob 6 or maybe 9 channels in each voxel, because you have a 3x3 symmetric tensor in each voxel
  2. you actually have DWI data, eg. 30 directions/channels in each voxel, plus maybe/hopefully gradient tables to know in which direction each channel points

in case 1, I don’t think mrtrix can help you, because it does its own tensor estimation during tractography. In case 2 however, you can run tckgen with a tensor-fitting algorithm, as described in