MRtrix3 Sydney workshop CANCELLED

Dear MRtrix3 users,

With great regret, we have taken the decision to cancel the next MRtrix3 workshop, which we had planned for April 2020 in Sydney.

We have been watching the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak, including recent statements from the Australian government. It is clear that the chances of a last minute cancellation are now unacceptably high. Furthermore, many of our putative attendees were expected to come from regions currently subject to travel bans. Since we had not yet started accepting registrations (these were due to open this week), we feel it is best to cancel now and postpone the workshop while we can still do so without unduly affecting participants.

Please be assured this decision was not taken lightly. We hope this will not come as too much of a disappointment, and apologise to those who had planned to attend. We will do our best to organise another workshop as soon as possible.

With best regards,
The MRtrix3 team.