Mrview crashes when loading tensor images

Dear experts,

mrview works very slowly and crashes when I load up tensor images on my mac, I was wondering if this has been noted before on mac and if there’s a way I could fix it?



I just checked on my system (not a mac…), and the tensor display seems to work fine there.

So to start debugging, can you run mrview -debug and get the application to the point where it crashes, then copy/paste the whole terminal output and post it here? It’ll be quite long… If you can’t paste the lot, at least the first page of output as it starts (so we can see information about your OpenGL environment), and the last page of output before the crash.

Also, how big is the data file? Is this simply a matter of running of RAM? In which case there’d be very little we can do from our side.

Finally, are you running an up to date version? What does mrview -version report?

As to why it’s slow: is it slow straight away even when displaying a standard anatomical image as a normal 2D slice? The volume render is computationally expensive, so that would be expected on lower end hardware, but if it’s slow with standard slice-wise rendering, that would suggest something else is going on…

Thanks Donald, this due to my hardware as opposed to mrtrix. It’s fine on my more powerful desktop.



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