Mrview error for Mac Sonoma

Dear MRtrix experts,

I have a problem for mrview.
When I try to open mrview, there is a message “WARNING: Secure coding is not enabled for restorable state! Enable secure coding by implementing NSApplicationDelegate.applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState: and returning YES.”

I have changed configuration file as below topics, but I couldn’t open tractography.

Bug with MRview on MacOS Sonoma

Should I wait to new version of mrtrix?

Best regards

This is just a warning and can be ignored, it should not affect the ability to open a tractogram.

If you are using an M1/M2/M3 mac and cannot visualize .tck files, even after following the instructions on Issues with pseudotube rendering on Apple M1 macs, I suspect there is a mistake in your config file.

Can you copy-paste the output of the terminal command:

cat ~/.mrtrix.conf

Thank you your immediately reply.

I use M1 mac.
I can open MRView window.
But when I try to open tools→Tractography→.tck file, Mrview crash.

I paste the output below.
cat ~/.mrtrix.conf
MRViewDefaultTractGeomType: Lines