Mrview error in NoMachine

Dear MRtrix experts,

I have tried to run mrview in NoMachine but I can’t run it.
Error message is as follows.
I appreciate a lot if you can help me.

Best wishes,

#  Neuroimaging Analysis Network (NaN)
 #  Server  :
 #  Contact :

Last login: Fri Oct 25 11:28:38 2019 from
[k1811597@login1 ~]0% module avail
----------------------- /software/system/modules/NaN/el7 -----------------------
afni/17.2.17(default)          fsl/5.0.8               ninja/1.8.2              
afni/17.3.02                   fsl/5.0.9               openmpi/openmpi_v3       
afni/19.0.09                   fsl/5.0.10              optibet/02062014         
anaconda/2.7                   fsl/5.0.11(default)     orchestra/1.1-88         
anaconda/3.6                   fsl/6.0.0               orchestra/1.4-722        
anaconda/3.7                   fsl/6.0.1               orchestra/1.6-1          
analyze/7.0                    fslnets/0.6             orchestra/1.7-1          
ants/2.1.0(default)            gannet/2.0              palm/0.86                
ants/2.2.0                     gannet/2.1              palm/1.11                
antspy/0.1.7                   gannet/3.0              probid/1.03              
asltoolbox/3                   gannet/3.1              pronto/1.1               
bart/0.5.00                    gcc/4.8.0               pronto/1.1_r740          
beast/0.15                     gcc/5.3.0               pronto/2.0               
bgenix/1.1.4                   gcc/7.3.0               Qt/5.6.2(default)        
bids-validator/20190218        gephi/0.8.2             Qt/5.6.2.rjl             
brainager/1.0                  gephi/0.9.1             Qt/5.10.0                
brainchopper/scn               gift/2.0d               r/3.2.3                  
brainchopper/vsi               gift/2.0e               r/3.4.4                  
brainnetviewer/1.53            gift/3.0a               r/3.6.1                  
brainnetviewer/1.63            gift/4.0a               rclone/default           
bxh_xcede/1.11.14              gift/4.0b               restplus/1.2             
c3d/0.8.2                      git/2.14.3              singularity/default      
c3d/1.0.0                      gitkraken/4.2.2         spm/5-3381               
camino-trackvis/        gretna/1.2.1            spm/8-6313               
circos/0.69-5                  gretna/2.0.0            spm/12-6906              
cmake/3.12.2                   idl/6.0                 spm/12-7219              
cmtk/3.3.1                     idl/6.4                 spm/12-7487(default)     
connectomeviewer/20190218      idl/7.1                 stepanizer/20180411      
connectomewb/1.2.3             idl/8.0                 tarquin/4.3.10(default)  
cpac/20190702                  idl/8.1                 tensorflow/1.10.1        
cuda/5.0                       idl/8.2                 tensorflow/1.12.0        
cuda/5.5                       idl/8.3                 trackvis/0.6.1           
cuda/6.0                       idl/8.4                 unc/1                    
cuda/6.5                       itksnap/3.4.0           unrar/5.4.2              
cuda/7.0                       jemris/2.8.1            xbam/3.4                 
cuda/7.5                       JIM/7.0_23              xbam/4                   
cuda/8.0                       JIM/8.0_1               xbam/4.1                 
cuda/9.0                       matlab/7.14.0           xcpengine/20190924       
cuda/10.0                      matlab/8.0.0            
cudnn/4.0                      matlab/8.1.0            
cudnn/5.1                      matlab/8.6.0            
cudnn/7.0.5                    matlab/9.2.0            
cudnn/7.4.2                    matlab/9.5.0            
dcmtk/3.5.4                    meica/3.2(default)      
dcmtk/3.6.0                    meica/3.2_no_afni       
dhcp-pipeline/20181205         miakat/4.2.6            
dpabi/2.3                      mica/1.17               
dpabi/3.0                      minfi/3.6               
dsi-studio/20190218            mipav/5.2.1             
dtitk/2.3.1                    mipav/7.0.1             
eeglab/14_1_1b                 mipav/7.3.0             
exploredti/4.8.6               mricrogl/20150612       
fix/1.06                       mricrogl/20170714       
fix/1.066                      mricrogl/20181114       
flica/20130115                 mricron/20160502        
fmriprep/1.1.3                 mrtrix/0.2.12           
fmriprep/1.2.6-1               mrtrix/0.3.16(default)  
fmriprep/1.5.0rc1              mrtrix/3.0_rc1          
fmriprep/1.5.1rc1(default)     mrtrix/3.0_rc2          
freesurfer/5.3.0               mrtrix/3.0_rc3          
freesurfer/6.0.0(default)      mrtrix3tissue/5.2.7     
freesurfer/6.0.0_dev           niftyreg/20171013       
freesurfer/6.0.0_dev_20180911  niftyseg/20171013       

--------------------- /software/system/modules/NaN/generic ---------------------
admin/default  nan/default  sge/8.1.7(default)  

------------------------------- /etc/modulefiles -------------------------------
mpi/compat-openmpi16-x86_64  mpi/mpich-3.2-x86_64  mpi/openmpi-x86_64  
[k1811597@login1 ~]0% module load mrtrix/3.0_rc3
[k1811597@login1 ~]0% mrview
software/system/mrtrix/mrtrix-0.2.12/bin/mrview: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[k1811597@login1 ~]127% 

The main issue here is that for some reason the old version of mrview is being invoked: judging from the path of the executable, it’s trying to load the 0.2.12 version (indeed, that’s the only way the reference to libgtkmm makes sense, it’s not required for MRtrix3). I don’t know why this version should be in your PATH if you haven’t loaded the module, you’d need to check with your sysadmin.

The second issue is that even if you do manage to invoke the right version, there’s a good chance it might not display on NoMachine – it’s notoriously difficult to get OpenGL 3 to render remotely, and this is what mrview uses… This will depend on how your sysadmins have set things up. If it doesn’t work, there’s a few topics on the matter on this forum if you search for it.