Mrview exit option

Dear MRtrix gurus,
I have been using mrview in 0.3.15 to take snapshots of tractography, and I used the -exit option so I could automate the process so mrview would take the snapshot and then exit mrview so my script could move on to the next part of my code. e.g. mrview -load fod.mif -tractography-load tracks.tck -capture.folder /path/to/my/folder -capture.prefix tck_screenshot -capture.grab -exit). However, today I updated to (so I could access the new mrview options) and I can’t get my mrview -exit command to exit by itself. Is there something different about the -exit option in this update (

Yes, there is - although it affects all options. I changed the way these options were scheduled a while back, but I’ve also recently noticed that things don’t work so well that way. I have to admit that I find Qt’s event handling very confusing… Anyway, I actually have a few fixes on that front that I implemented last week, also to get scripted screenshots to work. They’re currently sitting on their own pull request, ready to merge with the tag_0.3.16 branch, which will eventually become master when we iron out a few rough edges.

It might be a few weeks before that happens though, so maybe I should push these changes to the main master branch now so it’s available to you without pulling in all the changes in tag_0.3.16. I’ve been reticent to push this out directly since there’s often a few unexpected incompatibilities between different OS’s and/or versions of Qt, and it’s difficult to test them all. However, I think it’s probably safe enough, so given that there’s demand, I’ll sort that out now - should be fixed within the hour…

OK, fixes are now in master. Try the usual git pull && ./build and let me know whether that works again.

Excellent! Thankyou so much for doing this. Works perfectly!

I have another mrview question: after I have loaded the structural and tracks files from mrview from command line, how do I ‘Hide main image’ from command line?



I don’t think we haven’t implemented that yet… Time to file an issue on GitHub, I guess.

Hi @JMaller1,

Just to let you know that @maxpietsch has implemented an -imagevisible option for mrview now! Update via git pull and ./build, and then you can:

mrview structural.mif -imagevisible 0